if I had told anybody that we’re going to float the Animas River from Colorado to New Mexico in a small canoe, with a pit bull and a cat .. I think they have called me crazy.
Probably I would have done the same before I met PATCH. But we did it and it was amazing!
Sure she disliked the moments when she fell overboard and ended up swimming in the strong currents, but I think a part of her actually liked it and she proofed to be an outstanding swimmer.

During the whole RV trip PATCH grew from a little gatita to a travel and hiking partner par excellance. We hiked around lakes, through forests, over mountains and even cracked the 12.000ft mark. She always stays close to me but of course takes a few detours, especially if there is anything to hunt.
It slows down the hiking a lot and in the beginning I thought to speed up but learned that taking a few breaks (or a few more..😂) let me enjoy the scenery even more.

I couldn’t believe that PATCH actually crossed creeks, Ice fields and a swamp with me. Another think I wouldn’t have thought possible with a cat.

When I saw her dirty paws she kinda had a look in her face like.. DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CANT DO!!
So I’m very happy we tried.. And the connection between Patch and me grew stronger than ever.
I love you PATCH.❤️

When we got lost in the middle of the Chihuahua mountains the whole trip turned to an adventure into the unknown. I actually wasn’t sure if the RV can make it and with so many stories about how dangerous Mexico is, traveling alone with a big RV was concerning..
but I only met Mexicans which were very friendly, helped me as good as they could and I never felt myself in danger a single moment. Even though I talked to guys which obviously belonged to the species of the Mexican Narcos in a place where they would never find me or any leftovers of the RV. Not a single moment.

So I can title the 3 month trip as a great experience, a great time with loved ones and new friends but first I would call it a learning experience that you can do whatever you want despite the No sayers, pessimists or fraidy – cats..
Go out and do it!

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