19-06_Surrounded by Millions of Birds (sailing ZERO)


it’s time to leave. time for cruising again.
In this episode I take you on a trip down the coast of mainland Mexico with stops in Topolobampo, Mazatlán and Isla Santa Isabel.
When I approached Isla Isabel and saw the huge amount of seabirds circling over the green island all my expectations were multiple times over fullfilled.
One of the best things cruising on a sailboat is the slow arrival and with every miles closer to your destination you can see more and more details about it which in my case we’re more and more birds on a very green & lush island. I felt like I space traveled to an entire new and different place.

I’m still on my own on this trip but as soon as I reach Banderas Bay, that will change❤️


fay + christian

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The adventures of sailing around the world are never been shown better as now on this youtube channel about our sailing. Sailing the world steps up to the next level on this leg. The world is big and we are so small and by sailing from bay to bay from port to port you’ll get a feeling how beautiful it is as well.

Sail with us, we’ll take you along!


fay + christian

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