20-03_First Week in a new Life (sailing ZERO)

Fay is Back!!
jippijahey! And this time she doesn’t have to et back to Germany. She finished her studies and is free to travel! What a great start in the New Year 2020!
She booked a one-way ticket to stay for an unlimited time on ZERO. Two years of hopping from one side of the world to the other is a lot of stress. But the hard times are over!

We celebrate new years eve in Sayulita, a so called “pueblo magico”. It is of great cultural and architectural value for the country and we agree, a magical place.

We sail with humpback whales across Bahia Banderas to Yelapa, another stunning place in the big Bay. It could be the greenest spot on the pacific coast of Mexico. It welcomes you with a lush jungle surrounded by three waterfalls. It is a place you have never seen before. A lot of steps are winding up the hill to narrow alleys along the village and donkey poop everywhere! It’s one of their main transportation over there.
We caught so many amazing moments on tape and put it all together in a video for you.
fay + christian

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The adventures of sailing around the world are never been shown better as now on this youtube channel about our sailing. Sailing the world steps up to the next level on this leg. The world is big and we are so small and by sailing from bay to bay from port to port you’ll get a feeling how beautiful it is as well.
Sail with us, we’ll take you along!

fay + christian

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