20-02_Greetings from Paradise (sailingZERO)


it’s friday and we are sailing to the Tuamotus right now. Using the last little bit of Internet to upload this video for you.
Many people asked us when we leave the boatyard, some actually offered their help with the projects..
We left the boatyard quite a while ago, crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived Happy in French Polynesia.

Thanks a lot to all your positive vibes, offers and ideas. We actually would have loved to meet a few of you and work on ZERO together.. maybe next time.. (which is hopefully not too soon..)

When we started sailing again we wanted to share our adventures not only virtual but live with real people who like sailing. So we had a few people onboard already and when we crossed over from Mexico to French Polynesia we offered 3 hitchhikers a ride and all of us enjoyed it a lot. Now we have 5 extra crew and even though ZERO is a little packed we make the best out of it and enjoy every day.
We’re going to talk more about it soon.. but for now we sail..

Because of that we were a little busy and couldn’t finish the new episode in time.. but were working on it..
hope you enjoy our little update and we see you soon!


fay + christian

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The adventures of sailing around the world are never been shown better as now on this youtube channel about our sailing. Sailing the world steps up to the next level on this leg. The world is big and we are so small and by sailing from bay to bay from port to port you’ll get a feeling how beautiful it is as well.

Sail with us, we’ll take you along!


fay + christian

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