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What happens in this week’s episode? I get a nasty sting when we just wanted to take some time to enjoy the beach after a few days heading into the wind and we do an unusual “stern to cave” mooring instead of the more common med mooring.

We are sailing SV CUBA from Lefkada to Kefalonia and spent the night in a quiet bay. However, the area was crowded with charter yachts and after visiting a wasp-infested beach, we decide to cool off and anchor med mooring style, by positioning our “backyard” close to a cave we discovered. We drop plenty of chain and tie our stern to shore.

After some discussions about the surrounding flora and fauna, we escape the heat at midday and venture into the darkness. Ill-equipped, our curiosity takes the best of us as we go on and on, well, until the light goes out.

Still alive, back out and on the water, we reflect on our negligence and are later surprised by a brilliant downwind sail and dolphins on the bow.

We are Enrique (Kiki) from Cuba and Sarah (Salsa) from Germany on a mission to sail around the world. We have almost no sailing experience, but are determined to circumnavigate & share our adventures with you. Join us on our first stop, when we explore the abandoned bunkers of Albania.

We are by no means film makers or video editors so please let us know what you think about our videos, what you like to see more of – or less 😉

Living on the hook sailing around the world can be a real challenge and a bit scary at times (especially when your home dangles from an iron thread just 10 mm thick). What is to come? We don’t know but day by day we are learning how to live more sustainable, off-grid, more connected to nature, so we can share our adventures with you.

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