You guessed right we are still on the move sailing the Greek islands which are gifting us with the perfect sailing conditions. In this episode of SV CUBA, we pull up the hook in Ithaka in search of fuel and to find another protected anchorage since the winds are shifting. Lefkada or rather the large bay of Vasiliki looks promising with a gas station within walking distance.

This time however the wind is not in a favorable direction and we have to tack many times through the wind to get closer to our destination. With not enough daylight left we decide to call it a day and seek shelter in Sivota, a small-town east of Vasiliki. Turns out, we found a little gem and one of the hot spots for charter boats, sailors, and cruisers alike. But since we are on a mission to fill our tanks, we press on the very next day to get some much-needed diesel.

The winds are still not as forecasted but we manage to sail upwind to Vasiliki. Surprisingly the bay is not as protected from the wind as we thought, but a windsurfers paradise. Since we only have to grab fuel, the stay will be a short one and we decide to do the quick stopover. In all the rush though we forgot about the mainsail and even head into town without any shoes, blimey.

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We are Enrique (Kiki) from Cuba and Sarah (Salsa) from Germany on a mission to sail around the world. We have almost no sailing experience, but are determined to circumnavigate & share our adventures with you. Join us on our first stop, when we explore the abandoned bunkers of Albania.

We are by no means film makers or video editors so please let us know what you think about our videos, what you like to see more of – or less ๐Ÿ˜‰

Living on the hook sailing around the world can be a real challenge and a bit scary at times (especially when your home dangles from an iron thread just 10 mm thick). What is to come? We don’t know but day by day we are learning how to live more sustainable, off-grid, more connected to nature, so we can share our adventures with you.

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