Life on a Boat [Ep.27] No Heating No Problem - Life Hack to Keep us Warm - Sailing SV CUBA

Are you afraid of the dark? This week on Sailing SV CUBA we sail from Bodrum to Black Island in Turkey and anchor stern to jetty to some hot springs. Explore a cave at night, enjoy sauna like hot springs in the dark, we eat our way through all the oriental food we can find on the streets of Bodrum and we experience what a Turkish Bazaar is like in the 21st century.

BOAT LIFE [Ep.27] – No Heating No Problem – Life Hack to Keep us Warm.

In this episode, a lot happens as we sail along the coast of Turkey. SV CUBA is anchored close to Bodrum a popular tourist town and spot for sailors, charter boats and cruisers alike. We are on the search to experience a real Turkish bazaar but before that, we fill our tummy with traditional Turkish street food. Turkey is notoriously cheap to eat out so we take the opportunity to dive into all the goodies we can find along the way. Turkish delights, sweets and oriental cuisine is everywhere to be found on the streets of Bodrum.

A traditional dish are vegetables like aubergines and zucchini in a yogurt sauce and for drinks, Ayran is a popular option. Ayran is a healthy yogurt drink you can find everywhere in this country. Especially if you eat spicy foods, you will benefit from its properties.

But we don’t get held up too long and make our way to the Turkish Bazaar where we have a laugh with the locals trying to sell us all kinds of “designer alternative” fashion. We guarantee you on your visit to Turkey you will hear the question “Where are you from?” not just once, should you venture out onto the streets or, like us, into a bazaar.

After our experience with the marketing tactics of the vendors in the bazaar, we decide to sail to an uninhabited island where a cave and hot springs are located.

No visitors come to this place at night and it is completely deserted. With no heating on the boat and the winter around the corner we decide to spend the night in the cave. So we prepare some Mullet Wine or rather Glühwein before we enter the cave, pack our lights and venture into the darkness.

Follow us as we wake up the bats and slow boil in the sauna-like hot cave of Black Island.

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We are Enrique (Kiki) from Cuba and Sarah (Salsa) from Germany, a sailing couple. We are living on a boat, our tiny house, creating a travel vlog as we sail around the world. We have almost zero sailing experience, but are determined to circumnavigate & share our adventures with you.

We are by no means film makers or video editors so please let us know what you think about our videos, what you like to see more of – or less 😉

Sailing life can be a real challenge and is not just (sailing into freedom) and a bit scary at times (especially when your home dangles from an iron thread just 10 mm thick). What is to come? We don’t know but day by day we are learning how to live more sustainable, living off grid, more connected to nature, so we can share our adventures with you. Come storm or good weather.

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