A HOLE IN OUR SAILBOAT ⛵ WANNA GO SAILING? - Hope We Make it SAFE to Our Anchorage [Ep.30] - SV CUBA

YEAH A HOLE IN OUR BOAT and A GHOST TOWN is what we experience this week on SV CUBA! Besides all things sailing as a live aboard you have to consider how to comfortably live on a boat, especially in the winter. We woke up to snow in the mountains and our diesel heater is still not installed. So we tackle this project at once but not without some nerve-wracking augmentations along the way!

Now that we have SV CUBA warm, dry, and ready for us to spend the winter on the hook we put up the sails since we do not want to miss the ghost town of Kayaköy before leaving Turkey.

The abandoned village of Kayaköy lies in the mountain area behind Fethiye city and after anchoring SV CUBA in a protected bay south of the region, we get ready for the 2-hour hike through Turkey’s wilderness.
One road leads to the village and as we enter, it feels like we travelled back in time. The village meets us with an eerie vibe and we spend hours just walking through the deserted alleyways. Nature has almost reclaimed the place. Just before nightfall, we explore the church, which was almost inaccessible due to the thick growth and crumbled walls surrounding it.
We love abandoned places but with the night creeping in and with it the cold returning to the mountains we make our way back to the bay. However, this means we have to hike down the unlit road flanked by nothing but sheer forest, carrying only one small torch.

Would you wander through complete darkness for over an hour? Well, we did make it back alright after all and soon we will sail to Crete to spend the winter at anchor.

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Living on a sailboat can be challenging. While we try avoiding marinas as much as we can, we still have to find provisions on land and fill up our boat with water (we do not have a watermaker) ever so often. This summer the weather conditions have been very untypical and even getting on land in high waves and strong winds can be dangerous and difficult. Recently we had to dodge raging thunderstorms and water spouts.

Uploading our videos to you still stays a priority. However, if you cannot find our latest video on YT yet, it doesn’t mean we have simply forgotten to share what has been going on with you! Finding a protected anchorage that provides us with enough internet can sometimes mean we are working until we reach our physical and mental limits. But because we love what we do, we will not stop. We hope, through our videos we can share some of our passion to explore this beautiful planet and the amazing sights with you – even through the hard times!

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We are Enrique (Kiki) from Cuba and Sarah (Salsa) from Germany, a sailing couple. We are living on a boat, our tiny house, creating a travel vlog as we sail around the world. We have almost zero sailing experience, but are determined to circumnavigate & share our adventures with you.

We are by no means film makers or video editors so please let us know what you think about our videos, what you like to see more of – or less 😉

Sailing life can be a real challenge and is not just (sailing into freedom) and a bit scary at times (especially when your home dangles from an iron thread just 10 mm thick). What is to come? We don’t know but day by day we are learning how to live more sustainable, living off grid, more connected to nature, so we can share our adventures with you. Come storm or good weather.

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