Living on a Sailboat ⛵ Goodbye Bikinis - Full Time Travel & Winter is Coming [Ep.29] Sailing SV CUBA

#boatlife #sailingaroundtheworld – Our Sailing around the world expedition and full time travel is taking us from Marmaris to Göcek in Turkey in this week’s episode of sailing SV CUBA.

Living on a Sailboat is never easy. We still have no heating on board and winter is coming so we finally manage to sail to Marmaris to pick up our Chinese Diesel heater and fetch some extra parts, since we do not trust the flimsy peripherals, it came with.

We test it out in our cockpit and to our surprise, the thing actually produces some decent heat, besides some impressive, slightly unsettling noises. There is still a lot of installation that needs to be done but at least we finally got the first step out of the way.

With all the things we need for the installation packed, we decide to sail towards Göcek up the coast where there is not just an abandoned city in the mountains to explore but also some ancient rock tombs.

So we get moving again and sail through the night to our next destination.

The Lycian Rock Tombs are located just above the city of Fethiye. Only very little is known about the people who carved these burial sites out of the cliffs, apart from the fact that they believed that winged creatures would carry their dead into the afterlife. Therefore, they build the tombs far up to be closer to “heaven”. If we would have not been sailing in Turkey, we may have never visited these fascinating ancient sites. Our sailing lifestyle gives us the opportunity to discover distant locations whilst we travel with our tiny home around the world. We love taking you with us on our boating journey as we navigate through life one step at a time.

Thank you for being on board with us!

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We are Enrique (Kiki) from Cuba and Sarah (Salsa) from Germany, a sailing couple. We are living on a boat, our tiny house, creating a travel vlog as we sail around the world. We have almost zero sailing experience, but are determined to circumnavigate & share our adventures with you.

We are by no means film makers or video editors so please let us know what you think about our videos, what you like to see more of – or less 😉

Sailing life can be a real challenge and is not just (sailing into freedom) and a bit scary at times (especially when your home dangles from an iron thread just 10 mm thick). What is to come? We don’t know but day by day we are learning how to live more sustainable, living off grid, more connected to nature, so we can share our adventures with you. Come storm or good weather.

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