Philippa catches dinner!!: we arrive in the Exumas and surprise some friends | Episode 16.


After we anchored in Hogsty reef for the night, after a few hours with the boat swaying wildly from side to side we sadly decide to leave the atoll, it was just too rough!

Philippa catches a beautiful Mahi Mahi

We anchor in total darkness without the guide of any lights in the night sky, without the moon and without any land-light and a faulty lighthouse.

We get tailed by a shark as we fish in hope of catching more fish, are we on a roll?

As we arrive in the Exumas in the Bahamas we weave through very shallow ground and rocks mindful of our 2.6 metre depth.

As we arrive in the Exumas we discover two friends of ours that were also anchored in the same area and we set off to find them.

After having much help from our friends we go for a wonderful lunch at Kahari resort hotel

As we arrive back from the restaurant we watch a magnificent sunset on our first night in the Exumas

00:00 – Leaving Hogsty Reef
03:15 – Philippa catches a Mahi Mahi
05:15 – We anchor in total darkness
10.38 – A shark tails us as we fish
13:14 – We arrive in the Exumas
16:18 – We surprise our friends on another yacht
18.04 – We go for a fabulous lunch at the Kahari restaurant
20:49 – We watch a magnificent sunset


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