What is The Secrets of being a livea board sailor? This week we do a super duper special episode!! – real time! We talk in Africa its an extreme sport! Sailing fails, cruising, rough seas sailing, homeschooling, NUDITY and all the other stuff that comes with sailing and living on a .. We answer some of the questions you have been posting for us… Hope you like this one as much as we loved creating it for you! Peace!

Question 1: is LittleMiss right now and why buy a boat for a dollar? 3:15

Question 2: How did you end up in AFRICA? 4:25

Question 3: How is the sailing conditions in South Africa? 5:49

Question 4: What is the scariest part of sailing in Tanzania and how is it ? 7:20

Question 5: Why do you go into waters where no other has gone? 8:15

Question 6: Who is the monkey and why did we get Rafiki? 9:15

Question 7: Does Bianca ever go to school and does she get interaction with other children? 11:50

Question 8: So Whats next? Where to from here? 13:18

Question 9: Where are you going after SA? 14:24

Question 10: Give more info on the plans for the little pink boat 15:42

Question 11: Floatplan for 2018? 17:30

Question 12: Can we get a copy of your float plan? 17:50

Question 13: How about we do a SA Braai with followers??? 18:00

Vimeo Questions and topics:
Nudity onboard
How much do you cut out?
What really happened with the locals approaching the boat?
Where are you right now?
How do you feel about some of the comments?
Our future plans together
And much more….

What's all of that “Whale of a Tale” business? It is all of the footage that would have wound up on the cutting room floor. Mostly because Aubrey is super inappropriate.

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