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Our $1/Year Build Site Lease – We’re All Paid Up for 2021!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 174)

You may have heard before that we worked out a deal with the marina for our build site – but did you know we’re only paying ONE DOLLAR A YEAR…

/ February 15, 2021

ANOTHER DELAY With Our Container – So We Took On A Boat Delivery

There’s been YET ANOTHER DELAY with our container, so we’ve decided to do some sailing in Florida instead. Due to bad weather, our container did not leave Vietnam on January…

/ February 5, 2021

What Do We Have To Do to Turn This Boat Into a Home? (MJ Sailing – Ep 173)

We’re out at the Viking to take a close look at all of the things we’ll need to complete before we can move aboard her as our temporary home. In…

/ January 29, 2021