DROPPED ON AN ISLAND FOR 2 WEEKS! | Camping, Fishing & Diving PART: 2 (B2B Ep:12)


Come along for the ride and join the B2B Tribe fishing, diving & camping on a beautiful sandy island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Part: 2 Shows off a red hot reef fishing and spearing session, were we catch and release GT, coral trout and coronation trout as well as getting some fresh seafood for camp. Isolated sad cays, clean water and blue skies, we set out to make the most of it- from having lobster cook ups in the camp to kicking the footy on the beach… the team even bump into some unexpected turtle mating !

Such a magical part of the world.

Remember… tide and time wait for no man. Hope to see you out here!

Strick & Az, B2B

Massive shoutout to Benny the wizard behind the lense and edit, check him out: https://www.instagram.com/benjamin_crisp/?hl=en

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