The truth about and how we became plumbers. The word sailing actually means “fixing”, which has taken me a four years to figure out. The good news is that, this is something that we really enjoy. Making something old, look new again is one of the most satisfying things I have done. Sailing on a big beautiful blue to places unknown is just a bonus. Over the past several years we have spent a good half of our time preparing for the journey or the next expedition. Which I find to be the truth about in general. Our fixing Little Miss days are winding down and we are approaching the next big adventure and we are looking forward to the change of season once again.

Many people have asked us along the way, “Why did you choose this ?”. The answer is that, we live small so that we can afford to . Wether by land, air, or , we want to have the opportunity to see as much of this beautiful planet as we can.

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