We on to , then along the Norwegian coast to the fjords above the Circle. This is after I spent the spring refitting s/y Sylvia and finally moving aboard. Some of the places and anchorages were pretty incredible. I sail solo along most of the coast and have to get used to doing things alone. Also have to get used to the Norwegian (rain!) and the very irregular wind in the fjords.

This is probably the first and last on this channel with any relatively warm weather related content 😆. Hope you enjoyed it and please hit the subscribe button to see what happens when the winter comes and things actually get real!

One thing that I've learned so far is that video editing seems to take an awful lot of time. And that I could improve my “talking to the camera” skills. But I'm quite happy how the last third of this episode turned out. What do you think? Leave any comments and suggestions below, and also let me know if there are things that you'd be especially interested in seeing in the future episodes 🙂

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