FROZEN in the ice [ep3]


Hi! I’m Juho, and I live aboard my sailboat s/y Sylvia. Currently sailing and skiing in Norway. Living aboard a boat and sailing through the winter can be a bit challenging, low pressure systems come in frequently and bring lots of snow, and cold temperatures sometimes cause anchorages to freeze. But surviving through the polar night also has its rewards… at least if you’re into northern lights and skiing!

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Clothing: Helly Hansen. keeps me warm and dry!
Boat electronics: Raymarine, keeps me from hitting hard objects!

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In need of nice clothing? I collaborate with Helly Hansen and the HH clothes keep me warm and DRY both on the water and on the mountains 🙂. If you wish to support me then use this link when shopping Helly Hansen clothing, I get a commission on each sale: . The link leads to the official Helly Hansen webpage. This is a great way to help me out while getting some quality gear.

This my HH clothing “system” that I personally use, most of these pieces are very multi-functional, this is pretty much all I need, all year around:
– Ægir series pants & jacket: The pants are superb and I always wear them while sailing, the jacket I mostly use in rough weather
– Odin Mountain shell pants & jacket: I wear these for skiing, rainy weather hiking/outdoors/city, and I also use the jacket for sailing
– Verglas & Vanir down jackets: I wear a light down jacket as a midlayer when sailing/skiing, but I also wear these as outer layer pretty much any time when it’s not raining/snowing
– Merino & Lifa Merino base layers (and boxers): I wear these every day, unless it’s warm. When I’m not wearing them I hang them to air out, keeps them fresh for long.
– Warm weather clothing? Yeah, I don’t really have any 😄

I don’t switch clothing for fashion reasons. I use my stuff until it falls apart, so this gear has been put into a serious test. If you order using my link and have a problem with your clothes, let me know and I’ll forward the word directly into Helly Hansen headquarters.

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