Heating your boat when it’s actually cold – diesel heaters compared


One of the things I get asked most often is: How do you actually heat your boat? I’ve got 2 different types of diesel heaters on board my boat, a Refleks diesel stove and a Planar forced air diesel heater, both of which I’ve installed myself. I also use electric heating when I can and I’ve also researched other types of heating (propane) that you could use on a boat. In this video I’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of all these types of heaters, and I’ll try to give you tips for using them in the most efficient way.

Here are the main topics of this video:
01:54 Forced Air Diesel Heaters (Eberspächer/Webasto/Planar/Autoterm etc)
11:42 Other types of forced air diesel heaters (Wallas/Safire)
13:07 Forced Air Diesel Heater Pros and Cons
17:44 Diesel drip stoves (Refleks Stove)
23:54 Thermoelectric fans (for distributing heat)
25:39 Refleks Diesel Stove Pros and Cons
29:38 Forced air vs diesel stove – which one is more efficient?
32:07 Electric heating
34:46 Other types of heating (propane, engine heat)

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