Friendly beluga whale wanted to say hello & get petted [ep7]


While sailing along the coast of Norway we came across this curious beluga whale. Later on he was nicknamed “Hvaldimir”, and he’s rumored to be either a “Russian spy whale” or perhaps a kids therapeutic whale.

In any case this footage was shot before he got famous! We simply did not know where he came from and what the heck he was doing approaching humans like that. I had never seen a beluga before and I knew that they were very rare in this area. There are no beluga pods here, only single beluga whales every now and then. Hvaldimir followed us for around 2-3 hours, and it was obvious that he was especially attracted to our sailboat, which probably had something to do with the kind of boats that he got used to when he was being trained.

Belugas are very vocal and you can also hear some underwater whale sounds in this video.

Anyway, as far as I know Hvaldimir still lives a good life and has now learned to find fish on his own. If you meet him, please don’t feed him!

For a look at some real wild whales check this video that I made during the humpback & orca season:

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