COOKING & EATING FISH SKINS: One of our favourite meals!


Coral Trout Crackling on the BBQ.

G’day legends, join Strick in the B2B beach kitchen as he whips up one of his favourite parts of a Coral Trout- The Skin! (This is what they’re called here in Australia, and can be found in shallow or deep water along the coast or out at the reef) . The skin on many species of fish is one of the tastiest parts and can make a cracking meal! He cooks it up with scales and all (as they’re really small and become crispy). Try it out next time round!

Have your own recipe? Let us know in the comments, love hearing what you all are up to, trying and has worked for ya! Hope to see you out here… Az & Strick.

We filmed this video for our mates at BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing)

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