sailing to world’s northernmost city – in WINTER! [ep12]


This time we’re sailing to Hammerfest, have some trouble with the genoa halyard and experience couple big snowstorms. Also included some sailing on snow (kiteskiing)! Filmed in March/April 2020.

At the end I’ll quickly go through my camera gear, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. Thanks a lot to my patrons for helping me offset some of the costs for replacing my broken camera (and drone).

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00:00 Sailing to Hasvik & broken genoa
01:43 Fixing the genoa
03:56 Snow storm in Hasvik
05:50 Sailing further to in absolute crap weather
08:41 Akkarfjord – a small fishing village
09:43 Hammerfest – Sohvi’s extreme sightseeing walks
11:16 Sailing on snow – kiteskiing in Hammerfest
16:04 A look at the camera gear used

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