Which Anchor?


There’s no doubt that your anchor is one of the most important items on your boat and it’s one of the most overlooked. There have been huge advances in anchor technology so would you benefit from a more modern anchor?
Well that really depends on the anchor you have and the cruising you intend to do, but getting it wrong could end very badly!
The ‘Anchoring 101’ video went through technique, this video looks at anchors, the good, the bad and the ugly!

When you watch the video you will see we went for the prettiest anchor, but I promise I wasn’t interested in it’s looks! Although I have to say you can’t help admiring the beauty of the design and it’s lovely having an anchor that stays clean.
It’s also nice to deal with a company with helpful staff, they answered all my technical questions and couldn’t have been better to deal with.

Ultra Website Europe:

Ultra Website U.S.

Home Page

Ultra Website for our Antipodean friends:

And since Ultra is Turkish and we are going there next! Here’s the Turkish site :)…


If you missed the Anchoring 101 video that goes through anchoring technique and gives an in depth look at anchor chain, it’s here…

If you want to see Steve from SV Panope’s test on the Ultra it’s here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYtAbUn_Zm4

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