This is a Special for all our in the States and for everyone to get some ideas about the best xmas gifts for sailors.
We've found loads of gadgets in our time on board that make easier & more fun. So if you're a sailor or just know a sailor these are all things that anyone with a would be happy to find in their stocking!

Some details of the items:
1) Bluetooth speaker, we are using one called Enacfire Soundbar, but there are lots available, they are great for listening to radio / podcasts from your phone / computer and also great when watching films off the laptop, much better sound.

2)Solar shower bag.Again loads available, find one with a shower head, ours broke in a week. But these showers really work and are great for rinsing off after a swim, much better than getting salt water in the cabins.

3)DC charger for your laptop. Search one to fit your laptop, they are all available usually in the section for accessories. Get DC charges for everything you can, obviously phones, but we have them for camera batteries & lots of other things. Won't charge as quick as mains but much more efficient than running the inverter.

4) Cigar lighter torch. This is super useful, I use it every day because I can just grab it. The black on I show in the I can't find anymore on Amazon so I'm buying a Trorika version because I dropped one of mine in the bilge! Havent tested the Trorika, but it looks good.

5)Comfort Seat. As I said in the film we got these from a friend, but I have now looked up their website which is
They do a whole range so we are going to get another, slightly longer one for lounging on deck. Lot's of people have asked if they are worth the money, the answer is yes, every penny, or euro, or cent (I think they're available in the US) The old one we had was cheaper, but it was uncomfortable from the start and broke within 6 months. Worst of all though it had a zip that ended up coming uncovered and scratched my teak, it got thrown in the bin straight away after that! The Comfort seat is waterproof, non scratching, strong and super comfortable, it is well named!

6)Mr. Funnel If you are travelling anywhere you cant trust the 100% (thats basically everywhere!) get one of these. As well as the possibility of dirt in the fuel, more times than not I am left with water in the funnel which otherwise would have been in my tanks. Water in the fuel is the biggest reason for diesel bug and trust me you dont want that.

7)Microfiber towels. Hundreds of varieties in lots of prices all the ones we have had are great so I don't think you need to spend a fortune on them. They dry easy and roll up small, great!

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