More about our Lithium Batteries:

Why did we chose Battle Born Lithium Batteries?
• They are sealed and can handle being in a moist environment.
• They can be discharged 100% vs lead acid recommended 50% depth of discharge.
• They can be installed indoors with no hydrogen gases generated, also no terminal corrosion
• They have about 1/5 the weight of a lead acid battery, resulting in a significant weight reduction over our current battery bank. 
•Their output voltage is flat during most of the discharge cycle, increasing efficiency of our system. 
• They can be charged up to 5 times faster than our old lead acid. 
• They last 10 times longer than our old lead acid batteries. 
• They hold a charge for up to 1 year (without a load) without the need for a trickle charger.Great for unattended storage.

Their specifications:
• 100Ah 12 V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle battery
• 100 Amps Continuous
• 200 Amps Surge for 30 Seconds ½ Second Surge for Larger Loads
• Charging voltage: 14.2 – 14.6V / Float voltage: 13.6 V or lower
• High/Low Temperature Protection
• Automatic Cell Balancing
• Short Circuit Protection
• Product Dimensions: 12.75 X 6.875 X 9 in. (L x W x H)
• Weight: 30 pounds

We’re Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that have bought a 44ft steel sailboat (Dinieper Tropic 1200) that was abandoned on the hard for 22 years in Guarujá, Brazil. We are on the mission of refitting her to travel the world taking our house with us!

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Baby Smile – Lux Inspira
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Away We Go – Campagna
Surfing Time – Swirling Ship
Years – The Hunts

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