BOAT TOUR of our wrecked Brazilian ship — Sailing Yabá #7


We are Ben and MP!
Recently we decided to purchase a two masted 70ft wooden schooner in Brazil. The fun detail about our story is that the boat we bought was sinking and relying on many bilge pumps to survive so we had to lift it onto the dry to start a full refit.

This episode was the most requested one! So we are finally ending the mystery and showing our boat Yabá! We funnily chose the hottest day ever to film this, so don’t mind our sweaty faces and melted brains haha!
Watch this video with an open mind, knowing that a lot has changed since we bought the boat as well as a lot has changed since its glory days, but, from now on, Yabá will only get better and better as we are willing to put a lot of love and effort into this project!
This episode is simply to show around the boat, we will go over details of structure and working plans when we start with the refurbishment process.

The boat tour:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Deck
4:24 Masts and sails
5:28 Roof
6:58 Deck lounge
10:11 Cockpit
16:40 Housing
27:26 Engine room
32:33 Wrap and THANK YOU!

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