Manual In-mast Furling Repair and Maintenance on the Main Mast of an Amel Super Maramu


Amel Super Maramu’s have many electric winches and furlers and after 20+ years of service, ours needed some serious attention. A nasty crunching sound emanating from the manual/emergency furler in the main mast meant we had to drop anchor on a sail up the east coast of Spain to take a look. After detaching it from the electric furler and foil I dismantled it to find a broken tapered bearing and some sorry looking oil/lip seals.

I eventually pieced together the service kit below and ordered one each from the UK companies (also listed below) at a cost of around £50 each. Luckily we had some ex-pat friends living close by who we could have the spare parts sent to and I managed to fix things back together while on anchor before *eventually* continuing to the Balearics!

Thanks to the contributors to the Amel forum for their advice and for the swift and friendly customer service from:

Service Kit

Bearings (ID x OD x Width):

1 x 32009 Tapered Roller Bearing; 45mm x 75mm x 20mm  
1 x 6005 Ball Bearing; 25mm x 47mm x 12mm

Oil/Lip Seals (ID x OD x Width): 

1 x Oil Seal; 45mm X 60mm X 7mm
1 x Oil Seal; 25mm X 33mm X 6mm  

1 x Oil Seal; 30mm x 40mm x 7mm
V-Ring Seal:

1 x V-Ring Shaft Seal VA-045; For Shaft Diameter 43mm-48mm;
ID 40mm; OD 50mm; Width 9mm

O-Rings (Cross Section x ID):

1 x O-Ring 2mm x 94mm

1 x O-Ring 1.5mm x 62mm


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