Using shore lines / shorefasts – How to moor your boat to the shore [ep13]


We moor our boat in small bays quite often, using shore lines to tie the boat securely to the shore. Sometimes there’s just not enough space to anchor, or maybe you want to get into that one perfect (but tiny) cove. In this video I talk about all the techniques and gear we use to tie to the shore!

Please note that the force calculations at the end of the video are only examples, calculated using STATIC loads, with wind coming in directly between two different anchor points! Chop and wind gusts also have an effect on the loads involved, leading to (much higher) dynamic loads, which make the real maths too complicated (for me at least). These are just rough estimations! The key takeaway is that if angles between anchor points are big then the loads can get very big, so use with care! Best option is always to have a “spider web” of lines running to each direction. Using just two lines (straight out from bow and stern) is only for good conditions and/or only when you’re sure that the wind will come directly from the bow or stern!

(PS. I know that someone will point this out at some point, every time I say “2.8” in the video I actually mean “2.9”, the latter being the correct number 😉)

00:00 Shore lines and why you’d use them
01:22 Example case
02:29 The ropes we use
05:18 The general plan for our example case
07:47 Sohvi’s dinghy trip
11:57 How to tie to the first two anchor points, three different options
15:22 The gear
17:03 Chafe protection
18:17 The (huge) forces involved
22:47 Key takeaways regarding the loads
25:04 Subscribe, pretty please? 😉

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