Get your DJI Mini 2 here: #DJIMini2 #MakeYourMomentsFly
The most portable and lightweight DJI drone weighing in at less than 249 grams. Because of its size, we’re allowed to fly it in a lot more places without restrictions, unlike the bigger drones. It’s got a maximum flight time of 31 minutes and a transition distance of up to 10km, which is more than enough time to get some super shots. It has 5 QuickShot modes, which is pretty snazzy. With one tap you can make any moment look pretty pro. Enjoy!

#283 We’re getting physics-al out on the open water. We’re pondering some of Isaac Newton’s thoughts, talking you through some quick wind-sail-rudder calibration mathematics and using the laws of thermodynamics to try circumvent busted stoves. And when all else fails, sometimes you have to go full Rocky when you’ve only got uncookable eggs left.

Join us for 4 days sailing back across the Atlantic to our new destination of Madeira, where we’re so keen to stretch our legs and explore.

Plus: we’re ready for a new adventure and a new kind of vessel. La Vagabonde II is up for sale. Sign up for more information when it becomes available here:

Song Credits:
00:05 Daniel Deuschle – What Do You See
01:03 Chelou – Real
03:23 Jordan Merrick – Untitled #1
05:44 Amarante – Brave (Instrumental)
07:00 Young Robin – Tropical Punch
11:05 John March – Riley’s Night Shift Blues
11:21 RRAREBEAR – AM Japan
14:17 Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
14:57 Cooking Background Music
15:24 Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
17:41 Chris Shards – Flightmode
17:54 042943653-knockout-
19:15 Tatono – Near

Produced by Elayna Carausu
John March – Editor, Sound Design and Mixer
Scott Rowland – Assistant Editor

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