Ep34 | Sailing Life in Winter Lock-Down


Living on board in freezing temperatures has it’s own challenges especially when your on a two week quarantine in lockdown! It’s all good though, we’re getting by and there are still some lovely sights to see.

We briefly showed some shoes in this episode that were kindly given to us by Aleader. We will show them properly when we’re out and about in warmer weather! But, we are really impressed with them so far (I hate normal deck shoes as I find even the expensive ones don’t grip on the teak) I’m going to use the ones we showed as my deck shoes and the version they have as a proper water shoe that drains (we won’t wear socks with them, honest!) as dinghy / going ashore shoes. Keep tuned for how they perform. If you want to look them up now this is there website… https://www.aleadergear.com/ and you will get a discount with this code… SailingFairIsle15

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