found HUGE whale bones & a sh*t ton of trash ๐Ÿ˜ญ – Sailing Alluring Arctic [ep19]

After having sailed and anchored s/y Sylvia in this remote bay, I was pretty amazed to come across almost a whole whale skeleton. Found all kinds of bones including jawbones, skull, ribs, vertebrae etc. In this video I also show the unfortunate marine litter situation that I often see on these remote Arctic beaches. Marine littering is not just a “3rd world problem” or something that happens “somewhere far away”. This doesn’t only apply to Norway but to all the other countries.

In the video I state that most of the trash found in northern Norway is of local and regional origin. The data collected and reports provided for example by SALT also support this. SALT also does great job in collecting trash all around Norway’s beaches. More information and reports at

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