NOTHING BUT ROT – This Deck Core Needs to Come Out! (MJ Sailing – Ep 172)


We get to work on the Viking, replacing the forward hatch – only to find it is full of rot and the deck will need to be removed to properly fix it.

In between working on the tent at Kentmorr, we also need to pay a little attention to the Viking 35, to start cleaning up some of the areas and get it ready for us to live in. Project #1 is to fix the leaking forward hatch so we don’t have more water coming through it.

Once we get it up though, we realize it needs more than just a re-bed – the balsa core surrounding the hatch is completely rotten and will need to come up and be replaced. But, that will probably be a project for spring.

When weather turns extremely windy over the weekend, Matt wants to find out how our friend Andy’s 55 ft catamaran handles the situation. A couple of the boys step on Avalon for a day on the Chesapeake with winds in the upper 30’s, just to see how it compares to rides on our monohulls.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 – Back on the Viking Sport Fisher
00:47 – Intro
01:22 – Removing the forward hatch
02:27 – There’s nothing but ROT here!!
04:00 – Rebedding – Almost Pointless…
05:45 – Ta Daaaah!! It’s Temporarily fixed
06:52 – A Very Windy Day For a Sail
08:57 – Hoist Those Sails, We’re Doing 10 Knots!
11:00 – Thoughts on a 55 ft catamaran
12:13 – Time To Start Throwing – Clay That Is
13:43 – The Head To Head Competition Begins
15:32 – Closing

Almost Like Falling In Love – Kayla
Could Have Been Stardust – Sam Shore
I’ll Get Up – Mind Me

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– GoPro Hero8 –

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