Sailing Avocet | BUILDING our Lithium Batteries!


It is wild to think that we started this project one year ago, prior to our haul out, and prior to our other interior projects. Upgrading to lithium batteries was undoubtedly a great way to bring our ol’ boat into the modern world, but by building our own we not only learned the ins and outs of the entire system but we also saved money in the process, getting the most bang for our buck. Thank you all for being so patient, we have really appreciated all of your interest and support and hope this video provides valuable information.

As always, feel free to send us a message with any questions! Now, back to projects.

Marissa, Chris, and Cleo the Cat


AS ALWAYS: please do your own research prior to doing any install. This video was from a personal use standpoint; every boat has a different system that should be taken into account prior to conversion. We will be releasing a short, detailed video regarding the wiring system in addition to our full-length blog post with all the nitty-gritty details.
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