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After an entire year of nonstop boat work, we finally made our grand escape to Santa Cruz Island to celebrate our hard work and finally relax. We honestly didn’t film much this trip since we wanted to take it easy but a camera always finds its way into our hands so we created a little video to commemorate a job well done.

We visited Pelican Anchorage which is a relatively large anchorage that can accommodate many vessels. The holding was a bit rocky, but once the anchor set we had no issues. The water is deep (45 feet, 13.7 meters) all the way up to the wall, so depth is no issue.

Our second location was one of our favorites, Little Scorpion which is located on the southern side of the Marine Reserve. The holding is sandy, and we usually set two hooks but this time (since there were boats there previous to our arrival) we set one and had no issues. This anchorage can get a bit packed when you go over the 5 vessel mark. the water is pretty deep all the way up to Scorpion/Bird Rock, but be mindful of the lobster traps set on this side. If you like to snorkel and scuba, definitely check out the kelp forest!
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Camera Gear:
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cam 4k
Sony A7s
GoPro Hero 4
Rode mic
Syrp Slider
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