WE FOUND A BUILD SITE!! – A Quickie Real Time Update – MJ Sailing


Somehow it happened without us even trying or searching – but we’ve stumbled upon a build site for the new catamaran!

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Delivery address:
67 Bay Drive
Annapolis, MD 21403

We want to quickly bring you up to speed, so before we can catch our episodes up, here’s a real time update with what’s going on with us RIGHT NOW!

After selling Elements and leaving England, we flew back to the US to spend a little time with family before we began the search for what will be our catamaran build site for the next two years. We hadn’t even begun the search yet, we were just in Annapolis visiting friends – but that friend found the perfect spot for us! Fast forward a few days, and we’re getting ourselves set up to build inside a paint tent in Kentmoor Marina on Kent Island.


Funny how it all fell into place so quickly, but we could not be more happy about it!

Make sure to stay tuned next week when we revert back in time to our weekly episodes, where we just sold Elements and have a little time to spend in England before flying home to the US.

Much love from Maryland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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