Buying a SAILING YACHT part 2 – Our Story of Losing and Buying a Sailboat Beneteau 57 Se. 2 Ep. 32


Buying a SAILING YACHT: in this video the second part of our crazy story of losing and buying a Sailboat our bluewater sailing yacht a Beneteau 57. In this video we continue the story after Gerben bought the boat. We have a plot twits, he lost her. So this video is about how we got creative with buying a bluewater sailboat for the second time. Buying your first sailboat but this time it was me, I (Rianne) bought the sailing yacht and I took the leap of faith of buying the pocket super yacht Beneteau 57 – Perfect Sense with just being in a relationship for a couple of months with Gerben. I had no idea of how to finance the buy a bluewater sailboat. But we figured it out. In this video some inspiration for everyone who is thinking about a different kind of lifestyle – buying a sailing boat or traveling around the world – the story of how we do it and afford to keep on doing it. We never held possible what we have done the last 3 years, but if we can do it – YOU CAN DO IT. Our story of living on a boat, a sailing yacht, with a kid while working on a boat and being a business couple sailing around the world. Here is our story of how we became live aboard sailboat and afforded our beautiful bluewater sailing yacht. Join our sailing life in season 2 and the incredible story of our lifestyle and how we afford it a sailing boat and our life around it! Almost Sailing!

Hope you will enjoy this episode of our sailing family vlog.

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Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid | sailing family exploring the world

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