Ep 35 | Trouble Sailing the Med.


One of the delights of cruising is being able to visit different countries and cultures by sea. We are explorers. The Brits of Brexit (and that means us) are battling with two problems at the moment – Covid and Schengen. There are so many countries in close proximity in the Mediterranean, all with different Covid restrictions. Add to that the headache of not being able to stay in EU countries for more than 90 days in any 180 day period and we are in a rather difficult position. We look at what the options are, and talk to other cruising friends, of different nationalities, to see what they are doing.
It’s not all doom & gloom though, we have a great time exploring Venice by boat.

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P.S. I no longer recommend the using lacquer on brass out side unless it’s shielded from the elements a bit. It seemed to be okay in the higher latitudes, but in the sun has not done so well so I’m trying using nano technology with Gtechniq products, we’ll see how that goes.

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