Our visit to Gibraltar was (supposed to be) short, so we packed in as much into our brief stay as possible. In the end we stayed way longer than expected in La Linea, on the Spanish boarder waiting for favourable winds to take us into the Atlantic. This blog was filmed over 2 days but we’ve squished it into a ‘day visit’ for easy viewing… and editing.

We sailed from Almerimar the previous day, fighting a difficult tide on our approach. Our new crew member – Matt – had some difficulty with sea sickness so was as pleased as anyone to step ashore again.

When we finally moored in La Linea marina on the Spanish side of the boarder, we quickly headed over the border. Gibraltar is actually a British colony ad has been since the 18th century, so we wandered through the typically British streets absorbing the history of this unique and iconic ‘Rock’.

After a full English breakfast (naturally), we headed up the top of the Rock via cable car where we immediately encountered the famous Barbary Macaque monkeys and carefully edged our way around them to the Skywalk viewing platform.

Next on the agenda was St Michaels Cave before continuing all the way to the other side via the suspension bridge to the famous siege tunnels. There was also a great exhibition showing how bad the sieges and previous pandemics were – which were a lot worse than the current one!

On the way down the Mediterranean Steps we had a brief encounter of the hairy kind when a rebel ape who took a liking to the kids’s backpacks. At the far end of the rock is Europa Point, where we hoped to visit the Gorham’s Cave complex, considered to be one of the last known habitations of the Neanderthals in Europe.. but it was busy.. apparently :/

So after a visit to Woody’s old house we finished our visit with a walk around the Botanical Gardens and fish ‘n’ chips at the Lord Nelson Pub!

As with most of our travelling recently, we encountered very few visitors. Beleaguered tourist businesses are suffering so on behalf of the crew of Mothership, we hope to see an end to the pandemic in 2021 and a bounce back in visitors for the sake of the entire industry.

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