Bringing Yabá from wreck to dreamy! Episode 17
In this episode we start deplanking our rotten and eaten hull! We didn’t think deplanking would need to go this far, but, oh well, it did! Not only most planks were eaten by worms but the fresh water infiltration on the deck made all the planks very humid at every frame… so we found ourselves needing to replace a lot more than expected. This is your chance to see Yabá naked, because soon she will be glorious again!

We are Ben and MP!
Recently we decided to purchase a two-masted 70ft wooden schooner in Brazil. The fun detail about our story is that the boat we bought was sinking and relying on many bilge pumps to survive so we had to lift it onto the dry to start a full refit.

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We are forever grateful to everyone that is living our dream with us ❤

Massive thanks to our amazing team of carpenters that never let us down and continue to amaze us at every step of the process: Toninho, Zeca, Hélio, Claiton, William, Nezo, Nico and Beto. YOU ARE LEGENDS!