Sailing The Big Ocean From Gibraltar To Canary Islands Ep 91


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Leaving the Mediterranean Sea is quite daunting especially when you see how big the swell is in the Atlantic Ocean. We carefully check the weather and patiently wait for a good weather window before we set sail on this passage.

We use predict wind and our iridium go for our weather routing but find some unexpected squally weather and some days of no wind so we have to use our engine. The first few days are quite lumpy so everyone feels tired and a bit sea sick. Nobody is eating too much until the ribs come out and so do the appetites.

Once we are all used to the motion of the ocean and into the groove, we enjoy surfing down the waves and look forward to sighting land. Unfortunatley, we arrive at Lanzarote in the dark and have to anchor in a not so good anchorage. However, the anchor holds fine and we move into a marina the next day.

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