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We are a Swedish couple who have sailed the world since 2016 while sharing the adventures here on YouTube. In 2019 our daughter was born and we bought a bigger to continue sailing as a .

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We have collected some of the products we use in our and to make videos in our Amazon shop. If you buy any of the items from our shop, we get a small “ka-ching” in our cruising kitty (no extra cost for you). Thank you so much and thank you to Amazon Influencer program.

Music credits:
00:05 Closer Than Two Of A Kind (Instrumental Version) – Jaydan Talley
03:41 My Heart Levitates (Instrumental Version) – Mike Parr
05:39 I Remember Well – Cody Francis
06:37 Deep – Rasmus Faber
08:42 Them Highs and Lows (Instrumental Version) – Bird Of Figment
11:35 All In Time (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hall

Malin, Johan & Vera

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