G’day and welcome back to another episode getting back 2 basics. This episode takes a quick break from “The Great Adventure” series (which will keep rolling eps out later this week) for Strick & Az to share some news. What better way to do that then a day out exploring our backyard for a fresh feed of seafood and a cook up on a coral sand cay here on the Great Barrier Reef. **We live on the ocean and selectively hunt seafood for our families every month when the weather allows**


UPDATE : B2B Adventures has now joined Patreon, a platform where we get to share and communicate with you guys directly about all things b2b! The trips we are planning, new merch, insights into our trip diary, pack list for long expeditions, the chance for live stream Q/A’s and even winning a weekend getting b2b! Check it out if this is something for you. The reality is, we have gone full time into following our dream of connecting as many people we can with getting back 2 basics, and this is one way that can help make that happen, and ultimately get more people into the great outdoors!

For now, kick back, relax, enjoy the eps, thanks so much for the support and most importantly… we hope to see you out here! Strick & Az.

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