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It’s Launch Day! We’ve spent the past many months sanding, grinding, glassing, painting, sweating, crying, and lots of laughing…all to get to today. Today we put our once wrecked and salvaged boat back in the water, to see if it’ll float again. It’s a massive boat load of emotions as our car get’s stuck on an elevator, we almost miss our own boat launching, and Brett gets the ride of a life time in a fighter jet! Strap in, it’s go time 🙂

We’d be wrong not to say thanks to all of you, and especially our Patrons for helping us to afford our new camera. The Canon EOS 6dii was a total loss. The camera body, lens, 2 batteries and battery grip were all casualties to the sea. With all of you watching our videos and helping us out we were able to purchase a new Canon EOS R6, lens and battery (updated links below). It’s a necessary expense if we want to keep making these videos but also a huge improvement. And though there was quite the learning curve, I think the improved video quality is noticeable even on our first uses of it in this video!

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The Evans’


*Our Boat*
2008 Beneteau 49
3 cabin 2 head
Westerbeke generator
Mast, sails and rig are in excellent condition and in storage
Here’s what we *think* we know about her past. Keep in mind we bought her at auction without ever meeting the owner! The owner was sailing along and ran aground – hard. Hard enough that the keel pivoted and pushed the aft end up into the hull. This force cracked the internal grid in several places and broke a portion of the grid free from hull. At some point an inspection was done, insurance was called and decisions were made. See for how we came to own her!


*Our Gear*
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Main Lens:
Go Pro:

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