BOAT LIFE: Moving Our Family to a New Island

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There are heaps of pros in sailing to the party. You can arrive when you want (allowing 6hr travel time), and you can bring your house with you. You can roll up with enough alcohol belowdecks to make old rum smugglers blush. We’re sailing from Antigua to Barbuda with some good winds so we should make good time. The last time we were on Barbuda, it was directly after a hurricane devastated the place, and we’re looking forward to see the rebuild.

We’re really keen to meet our friends for a birthday party after a punishing 3 days of maintenance. It kinda sucks you have to tear up your bed to get to the motors, and any time you get to one thing the stuff piles up, but that’s just another little part of life on a boat.

Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show! You can listen to them all on our Spotify playlist:

Song Credits:
00:00 – 00:47 – RRAREBEAR – Beauty Around
00:48 – 01:07 – The Fly Guy Five – Courtesy of Mr Hammond
01:09 – 03:16 – Jennifer Perryman – Fly Away
03:24 – 06:28 – Gotam Sen – The Dead Voices
06:29 – 07:27 – Jimmy Pinch – Little Vagabonde
07:36 – 09:20 – Casual Vice – Unconventional
09:23 – 10:45 – Jack and the Weatherman – Belong
13:08 – 15:43 – MajLo – ZLOTO (feat. Natalia Grosiak)
15:44 – 18:24 – Jobil – Hyperconsciousness
18:25 – 19:10 – Axel Thesleff – You Said
19:12 – 20:05 – Giants’ Nest – Satsuma Beach
20:58 – 21:41 – Gotam Sen – The Seeds

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