Sailing Avocet | Building the COOLEST Boat Fridge!


80 Degrees North? More like 80 Degrees Cooler!
Despite its incredibly large size, Avocet’s fridge had some issues causing our produce to go bad quicker than it should and put an unnecessary strain on our batteries by keeping our compressor running nearly 24/7. After we began demolition and made a shocking discovery we made it our mission to build the best boat fridge, ever. Although our project plan was simple in theory, it turned out to be one of the most challenging from sourcing materials to construction itself, but luckily we were graced with the presence of Chris’s brother Jon from S/V Prism who helped us get the job done, just in time for a trip to Santa Cruz Island. Without further adieu, we present to you the COOLEST video on our channel (see what I did there?)

Destroying our Boat 00:00 – 2:25
Road Trip to NV 2:25 – 3:40
Game Plan 3:40 – 7:22
Prism Crew Sighting 7:22 – 7:54
Installing Insulation 7:54 – 11:49
Details to Finish 11:49 – 17:33
THANK YOU PATRONS 17:33 – 18:04
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