Time to say Goodbye | Sailing Aequus – Episode 6


We finally leave Curacao and head to the island of Bonaire.

After a nasty experience with a PCR test we awaited anxiously for the new tests to be done.

We stop off in Klein Curacao one last time and see our furry friend Squat who clearly recognised us.

AJ makes us a delicious bbq on our friend Mike’s Hanse 575, as we enjoy the beautiful waters on the island of Klein Bonaire and swim with some of the most amazing tropical sea life.

Mike takes us for a sail and we find out for ourselves what it is like to be on the Hanse 575.

0:00 PCR Tests
04:03 Checking out of Curacao
05:34 Sailing to Bonaire
07:36 Squat the dog
10:04 Stern to docking in Bonaire
12:15 BBQ and snorkeling
16:02 Sailing Mike’s Hanse 575

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