Top lighting ideas for your boat


Interior lighting in boats is often terrible. Harsh on the eyes, difficult to control and leaving far too many dark corners to loose your glasses in, and with no glasses and terrible lighting you’re buggered!
Hopefully this video will give you lots of ideas.

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Here’s a list of where sourced the various bits for lighting, not necessarily the best available but the easiest for someone like me that hates shopping! Click on Amazon, job done!! sorry these are all from the UK Amazon site so you might have to search for the name on your countries Amazon site if you’re not in the UK, or actually go to a shop!!…


Small LED floodlight :

This is the LED light I have above the stove :

These are the longer led lights in the video, they come with a sticky backed metal strip that you stick where you want the light and the light itself is magnetic. They charge with a micro USB :

These are the round lights, called daffodil lights. They are magnetic as well but I found they weren’t quite as strong as the others so I used sticky velcro :

These are the lights I wired into the cabinets behind the stove :

and this is the RF remote I used to control the cabinet lights :

For the strip lights get the length you need (or a bit longer as you can cut them down) Then as a spare get one twice the length so you can cut it in half and have two spares, it’s cheaper than buying two shorter versions and you dont need the transformers and the extra control box & remote. :

Finally, get yourself one or more of these…
I didn’t show them in the video but great to have for charging things, and also one of these…
which I have to say even with all my lighting is still one of the most used things on the boat for the times your delving behind something in in a corner and cant see what you’re doing. It sits in the cigarette lighter charger above so its always charged and at hand to use.

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