BOAT LIFE: A week in our LIFE onboard.

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We’re here in Falmouth Harbour, and we’re learning a lot from our new turtle friends. They seem to have it pretty chill, they’re swimming around so we thought we’d join them. And we may as well withdraw into our beautiful shell of Antigua while we can, taking it slow and steady. We’re keeping active though, pre-dawn dives and seeing if Lenny’s old enough to captain a boat. He’s pretty close we reckon, training up our own little chauffeur.

And we’re joined by an all-star cast of friends while we’re doing it. To the Oscars award committee, they’ll accept their awards in absentia, we’re all actually pretty busy in the caribbean thank you very much.

Plus, we’ve got an important question for you all, let us know your answer in the comments below 👇

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Song credits:
00:00 – ES_Summer Forever
02:33 – ES_Doodle
05:31 – ES_A Celtic Blessing – Bonnie Grace
09:28 – ES_Medic! (Instrumental Version)
15:02 – ES_Nobody Dares to Say (Instrumental Version)
16:42 – ES_Sweet as Honey

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