Curse of the Red Ferrari & Life Under Lockdown. [Ep55]


We get pulled over AGAIN as we make our way into our Marina for lockdown. We’re pretty sure having a red boat didn’t help us any. And we had quite a far fetched (but true) story to tell. Oh, the DRAMA…

This video was shot last year and covers the Level-4 Lockdown of April and May in New Zealand. It’s been interesting for us to look back at those confusing times. In fairness to the Officers involved, they were just following the latest guidance, and unfortunately for us, the rules kept changing.

We wish we had been in the Bay of Islands when lockdown began, and in hindsight, we probably should have just stayed on Great Barrier Island, but hindsight is always 20/20. In reality, we made the best decisions we could at the time and never expected to have so many problems sailing north…

We are catching up on our videos and each video covers roughly one month. Thanks for watching!



ABOUT US: We are a family of five sailing around the world on our “dream boat,” a performance catamaran named “Archer.” Ten years ago B.K. (“before kids”), we sailed a Lagoon 380 named “Honeymoon” halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we shared our experiences via YouTube and, by happenstance, created one of the first “sailing channels.” We also realized what an incredible experience we were having and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with kids.

OUR ROUTE has taken us from the Boston/Cape Cod area of the United States down to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. We have dealt with massive repairs in the South Pacific, the Coronavirus lock down in New Zealand, a Category 5 Cyclone in Fiji, and now we are cruising in Covid Free Australia. Videos for all of this to come!

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