We leave civilization and find ourselves in the middle of no where isolated anchored off a sandbar on the trimaran with not a sole around. A dinner over the campfire completes the night and we are just so grateful for this adventure we call boat life. If you have not subscribed already make sure you do so 🤗

00:00 Intro
00:30 Leaving Estero for Tigertail off Marco
01:18 raising the sails
02:02 motoring into tight crowded tigertail beach
04:00 Exploring beautiful sandbar
04:53 disaster
06:30 Factory bay and errands on land
06:58 New drone
10:35 gas splash
11:30 leaving Marco Island underway
12:15 Dolphins!
13:12 approaching isolated sandbar
13:25 lifting the daggerboard and rudder and talking about the functionality and shallow draft
14:50 fishing with a hand line
16:50 the tiniest turtle you’ve ever seen
18:08 building a fire
19:00 anchoring the sailboat right on the sandbar
21:30 enjoying the fire and beautiful scenery
22:40 dinner over bonfire
27:20 enjoying delicious dinner
28:50 beautiful night on isolated sandbar

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