Every time we post a photo of our boat at anchor we immediately get asked “what’s that off your spin pole?” The FlopStopper is a roll reducing unit built by a sailor for sailors to help take some of the motion out of the ocean giving you a better night of sleep. When we first bought Avocet we had a plastic cone system that worked alright, but it was cheaply made and clunky to store. Our neighbor John caught us before sailing out to the islands and offered to let us try out this product he made instead of our cones and after one use we were absolutely hooked!

Basically the FlopStopper is a horizontal underwater Venetian blind. The blades (“blind slats”) rotate freely on axle rods, opening on the down-roll when the FlopStopper sinks, and closing on the up-roll to form a flat platform that provides resistance and dampens the rolling motion. There are six 6”x32” blades, each one resting on its own and the neighboring axle. When closed, there are 8.4 square feet of resistance on the up-roll. Unlike every other design, even the slightest rocking motion engages the dampening mechanism: the unit is ofter “closed” at rest, so resists the slightest up-roll, and the blades open easily to sink freely on the down-roll.

The best part (only second to its roll reducing) is that this entire unit is made of marine-grade aluminum and breaks down into an easily stowable 10”x36”x4” package, wrapped and strapped into a soft towel. Assembly and deployment takes under 2 minutes and the effect is immediate.

If you are interested in learning more or investing in more comfortable memories at anchor visit www.flopstopper.com and reach out to John. He is happy to answer any questions you have and offer troubleshooting and advice as per his salty experience. Don’t forget to mention that “Avocet” sent you for a discount!

Fair winds and happy sailing
Marissa, Chris, and Cleo cat

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