Our autopilot has steered us true, but now with over 100,000 miles on her it's time to upgrade. Time to tackle some and prepare for the next season offshore!

Our autopilot is crucial for our survival offshore, more so now than ever as watching The Little Nugget means Kazza is a single mom and I'm a single handed sailor at . We've put nearly 80,000 NM on Delos and the previous owner did 30,000 NM so it's time to replace this crucial piece of . We start out by replacing the linear drive, then work our way forward with a new sensor pack, computer, and control head.

Amongst the boat projects we find time to do another crucial task- start Sierra's swimming lessons! Last but not least we give the outside of Delos a little TLC making her hull glisten and replacing some of the original stickers from the start of the trip.

The big question- will we be able to stay until the work is finished or will the neighbors complain about a makeshift boatyard operation in their canal?

Many hugs and hope you liked the ! Brian, Karin and little Sierra

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